Welcome to Girl Class Club!

Girl Class Club is the Waverly Projects hub for our teen and college members. Here at Girl Class Club we welcome all of our Waverly Girls who are looking to experience tailored events and creative opportunities throughout the year. Whether you are looking for a place to gain some extra volunteer hours, want to create your own platform, or be connected to to our mentor society this is the place for you!

Girl Class Events!

Girl Class Club will host event throughout the year for our club members. There will be four major events per year where we will bring in distinguished women from our mentor society. We will also host small scale events monthly in NYC at The Wing and at our Greenwich Studio. These events will feature anything from an author meet and greet, yoga class, or a curated art experience. We also will be hosting events in London, Los Angeles, and Palm Beach. Click below to sign up for our weekly newsletter.

Girl Class Dinner!

You have the opportunity to have Girl Class Club come to you by hosting your own dinner party! Build your own guest list, choose the menu, and inspire each other over a meal. When you choose to host a dinner half of the proceeds will be donated to the Waverly Foundation and your foundation of choice.

Volunteer for Girl Class Club!

At the Waverly Project we are always looking for volunteers to help with our workshops, events, and community programs. As a volunteer for Girl Class Club you will be sent emails and sign up forms when there are volunteer opportunities. You will also be invited to all Girl Class Club events. Additionally, you will be asked to promote Waverly Events via social media. Being a Girl Class volunteer is a great was to be involved, earn community service hours, and build your resume!

Be an Ambassador!

Leadership and Project Opportunities

At Girl Class Club we strive to promote creativity, leadership, and female empowerment. Our Project Ambassador Program is for our girls who want to be more involved and take on a leadership position within the club and Waverly community. Here girls can explore their own passions through a project that they can propose to our team.

What is a project? A project could be anything but here are a few ideas…

  • Running the instagram

  • Being a photographer for events

  • Writing blogs posts

  • Organizing community events

  • Start a Waverly Club at your school

If you have your own specific interest and feel like it could be beneficial to Girl Class Club please propose it to our team!

Having you own project at Girl Class Club not easy so that is why we will take all candidate applications into careful consideration. If you have a project you will be expected communicate with our team through weekly email, be active, constantly evolve and grow your project.