Upcoming: January 27h - February 24th | TEEN | GREENWICH | Tickets here

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what is an empower tour?

Waverly Project was founded in 2012 with the mission to inspire, educate and illuminate girls lives! Do you ever dream about places you hope to visit? Recipes you can't wait to cook for your friends or D.I.Y.'s you would LOVE to create while hanging out with Girl Bosses, listening to good music? Our eMpower tours  introduce you to successful women, taking you behind the scenes of professional environments exposing you to educational, exclusive experiences! For example: sign up for our Google Tour, giving you a tour of their NYC HQ's, meeting with their youtube & marketing team of women, enjoy sweet tea in their cafe and design your very own dream youtube channel! 

How old are girls who sign up for an eMpower Tour?

You have to been in middle school or high school! Our eMpower Tours have two age groups: a middle school calendar of events and a high school calendar of events! 

Where are eMpower Tours located? 

We collaborate with businesses currently in these major cities & towns: NYC, DC, Hamptons, Durban, SA, London, LA, Greenwich, Nantucket.

Can I request to be a Waverly Mentor & host an eMpower Tour? 

We would love to hear from you! We host tours in major cities and suburbs around the world! Please email us here and let us know what you are thinking!