waverly workshops


branded "WORKSHOPS" are EDUCATIONAL experiences that empower girls to pursue their passions! 

Waverly Workshops connect girls to creative projects and a cultural education with a mission to empower, inspire & encourage girls starting in 1st grade through 5th grade. 

Workshop format: girls learn about a new country and culture (global thinking), participate in our exclusive, Waverly designed project (D.I.Y.) connecting the dots between educational conversations and innovative thinking. 

Social Give-back model: We are committed to spreading this mission in every city for every girl. For every ticket we sell 7% goes directly into the Waverly Foundation which provides programming, locally.

Workshop example: explore Paris, France; girls receive their handmade, recycled passports, draw the French flag while listening to travel lecture & girl code convo. Who was Coco Chanel? Discover how designer used the "Benton stripe" inspired by the Navy, influencing fashion to this day! Continue learning about textile design, cutting scarf patterns and creating striped patterns for neck scrarve's while enjoying tea and macaroons!  

Our exclusive curriculum themes include: 

  • WAVERLY STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math)

  • WAVERLY GREEN & GARDEN (farming, gardening, cooking, health, and wellness)

  • WAVERLY DESIGN (fashion, art, architecture, photography, and interior design)


What age can participate in Waverly Workshops?

  • Waverly Workshops

    • Participants are 1st - 5th Grade

    • Ambassador volunteers : Middle / High school girls, email us!

    • Mentor collaboration? If you are passionate about what you do and care to share you story with us, lets design a workshop together! Email us here!

How do I request a Waverly Workshop?

  • Go to our Request a Workshop above and email us your information!

  • We will respond as soon as we can!

  • Our calendar is limited so please be specific with your dates and details!

What do you do at a Waverly Workshop?

  • Girl Code Conversation: Sign the 'Waverly Way' (code of conduct)

  • Travel talk lecture, D.I.Y. projects, and food tasting

  • Learn about new countries and cultures through our Passports!

  • Explore, create, and learn from activities led by our network of Waverly Girl Guides!

Who requests a Waverly Workshop?

  • A school! If you wish to empower & inspire your girls, Waverly Workshops are just what you're looking for! Connect with us HERE!

  • Looking for a Birthday Party? Waverly Workshops can create any event, just for you! We have designed many cultural inspired Birthdays for girls of all ages! Click HERE for a birthday request!

  • Small Business collaboration! We host Waverly Workshops in unique locations creating a special experience for mothers and daughters. Connect with us HERE!