Waverly Teen Tour | Olivine Gabbro Fashion House

Waverly Teen Tour | Olivine Gabbro Fashion House

Our branded "Tours" are curated experiences that empower girls to pursue their passions! 

The Waverly Project connects young girls and women through creative projects and experiences called "Tours", with the mission to empower girls to find their passions, build confidence, and think globally. 

At each tour, girls learn about a new country and culture, and then participate in an activity that allows them to explore, create, and learn from our network of Waverly Mentors. Tours range from learning to write music to creating bath truffles from a recipe based in chemistry.

We rotate seasons every year, each with a unique theme.

  • STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) 
  • GREEN & GARDEN (farming, gardening, cooking, health, and wellness)
  • DESIGN (fashion, art, architecture, photography, and interior design)

Private Events & Workshops

If you would like to request a birthday, workshop or pop up tour please email us by clicking the box below! We look forward to hearing from you! Email us!


What age can participate in Waverly?

  • Waverly Girls
    • 1st - 5th Grade
  • Waverly Grade 6
    • 6th Grade
  • Waverly Teen
    • 7th - 12th Grade

How do I sign up for a Tour?

  • Go to our Purchase a Tour page and find a single tour or tour package that corresponds to your age group
  • Purchase either a single tour, a 5 pack, 10 pack, season pass, or annual pass! (Psst packs are a great deal, you get discounted prices per tour)
  • Once you have your ticket(s), go to our Calendar to RSVP to the tour(s) you want to attend!

What do you do at a tour?

  • Travel talk lecture, DIY projects, and food tasting
  • Learn about new countries and cultures through our Passports!
  • Explore, create, and learn from activities led by our network of Waverly Mentors!

What if it's my first time at Waverly?

  • We can't wait to meet you at a Tour or Waverly event!
  • First time girls get special pricing, check out our Purchase a Tour page!