10 Clever ways to get your veggies!

1. Avocado marshmallow chocolate chip cups! Visit Gram @nobread for recipe!

2. Homemade baked carrot chips! Recipe:  http://www.aspicyperspective.com/healthy-baked-carrot-chips/

3. Cauliflowertots with honey lime dipping sauce! Recipe: http://gimmedelicious.com/2014/07/24/skinny-baked-cauliflower-tots/

4. Sautéed Sesame infused kale dumplings! YUM! Recipe: http://www.thisrawsomeveganlife.com/2015/09/kale-edamame-dumplings-w-simple-dipping.html#.VfmJ_2RViko&_a5y_p=4329497 

5. Crispy green bean fries. Recipe: http://www.thekitchn.com/recipe-oven-baked-green-bean-fries-240159?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=managed&utm_content=custompinrecipe&crlt.pid=camp.NX6kan7H6v42

6. Sweet potato Doughnuts...HELLO! Recipe: http://www.ihearteating.com/baked-sweet-potato-donuts/#_a5y_p=5949060

7. Purple Yam ice cream! Delicious. Recipe: http://www.rotinrice.com/2014/09/ube-ice-cream/

8. Veggie Tortellini Soup. Recipe :http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/veggie-tortellini-soup/

9. Celery with peanut butter dip! Recipe : http://www.crazyforcrust.com/2015/09/skinny-peanut-butter-dip/

10. Avocado, Bacon & Eggs! Recipe: https://lilluna.com/avocado-bacon-and-eggs/  


10 Roadtrip spots across the USA

  1. Bar Harbor, Maine  is home to Acadia National Park with trails that reach record heights over looking the Cranberry Islands. Perfect for water bugs and hikers!

  2. Montauk, NY, says bring your surf board, sleeping bag ( on the beach), tent and s'mores kit sleeping under the stars by the ocean in one of Americas favorite beach towns!

  3. Savana, Georgia is a charming city near Atlanta, full of charming historic buildings, cobble stone streets and home of founder of Girl Scouts, Juliette Low!

  4. Pacific Grove, CA, known for their butterflies and crashing waves along their rocky coast, you won’t find it hard to land on one of their 100 B&B’s & they are one of the first spots to open a farm to table restaurant in the USA (sleep well AND eat well, YES PLEASE!)!

  5. Redwood National Park, California has one of the largest species of trees in the world! Bring your camera to snap a pic of a Redwood tree, at one point one of 2,000,000 trees covering the Redwood coast of California!

  6. Yellowstone, Montana was founded in 1908 and still to this day only has one school. Visit this charming small town for its breath taking mountain ranges, dirt roads, horse back and all things outdoors! ( Golf, hiking, kayaking, shooting, riding, running, biking)

  7. Florida Keys, FL...  Toes in two oceans? Visit the Florida Keys for its tiny islands 15 miles south of Miami separating the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, perfect for fishing and a 7 mile walk over their 7 mile bridge! YIKES.

  8. Santé Fe, New Mexico is a dessert lovers dream with crooked streets leading you right to museums displaying our favorite, Frida Kahlo's work!

  9. Big Sur sits outside of Carmel Cali, mountains and cliffs winding along the Pacific Ocean perfect for camping, hiking and (painting) as it will literally take you breath away!  

  10. Nashville, Tennessee named after Franklin Nash ( a Revolutionary War hero) is not only the Home of Country Music Hall of Fame Museum, it is known as ‘Music City USA,’ offering live music up and down the streets along with plenty of cowgirl boots and BBQ!

10 TV shows you must watch

1) Friday Night Lights

2) Gilmore Girls

3) Friends

4) Dawsons Creek

5) One tree hill

6) Carrie Diaries

7)Lizzie McGuire

8) Sabrina the teenage witch

9) What not to wear

10) Cake boss

10 things to do on a rainy day

1) make homemade chocolate chip cookies ( https://www.bing.com/search?q=Best+Chocolate+Chip+Cookies&filters=ufn%3a%22Best+Chocolate+Chip+Cookies%22+sid%3a%22fc30128a-2ac7-eebb-36e4-097270ca48ea%22+segment%3a%22generic.carousel%22+secq%3a%22chocolate+chip+cookie+recipe%22+supwlcar%3a%221%22+tsource%3a%22EntitySegments%22+catesegtype%3a%22recipe%22+cack%3a%2207e3e8a6-4949-4e1f-92ac-2e69eb20327a%22+segtype%3a%22UmVjaXBl%22+ctype%3a%220%22+mltype%3a%220%22+eltypedim1%3a%22Recipe%22&FORM=SNAPCR  )

2) pop popcorn and watch the parent trap

3) homemade face mask and have a spa day (http://www.spontaneouschick.com/2012/06/14/4-avocado-face-masks-that-work/ )  

4) online shop on Revolve for back to school clothes

5) do your own mani pedi (use esse Go Ginza)

6) have a board game night (play Monopoly)

7) make a cup of lavender tea (waverly style)

8) read Buzz Feed articles and take quizzes

9) binge watch Friday Night Lights

10) follow along with Ballet Beautiful on Youtube

10 summer songs

1) Despacito- Justin Bieber

2) 2U- David Guetta ft. Justin Bieber

3) Bad Liar- Selena Gomez

4) Castle on the Hill- Ed Sheeran

5) Body like a Backroad- Sam Hunt

6) I’m the One- DJ Khaled ft. Justin Bieber

7) Unforgettable- French Montana

8) Swish Swish- Katy Perry

9) Malibu- Miley Cyrus

10) Slide- Calvin

10 beach bag essentials

1) bali body tanning oil

2) neutrogena spray sunscreen

3) turkish towel

4) baseball hat

5) wet brush 

6) kadima paddles

7)  milk chocolate milanos (a family favorite)

8) a good summer playlist (see waverly pr10ject summer songs)  with good headphones

9) a Nicholas Sparks book (Message in a Bottle or The Last Song)

10) polarized ray ban sunglasses

10 back yard BBQ

1) bug spray

2) burgers and hot dogs

3) watermelon

4) corn on the cob + skewers + Butter boys

5) sparklers/fireworks

6) sunglasses ( aviators )

7) sundress  (https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/cooperative-poplin-strappy-cold-shoulder-dress?color=010&quantity=1&type=REGULAR)

8) sweater/sweatshirt  (http://www.brandymelvilleusa.com/gracen-sweatshirt-z087-072-ch.html)

9) lawn games

10) popsicles