A Girl's Guide...lessons from Waverly girls

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Girl's Guide

Lessons from Waverly Girls

What are a few things that make us smile? Baking? Sugar? Totally. Girlfriends all in one place getting creative and crafty around a table? YES.

Hi, my name is Molly and I am the crazy brain behind The Waverly Project concept. Being a gal that lives for creating things and DIY, my job pretty much makes me the happiest girl in the world. Every week I get to come up with creative concepts, share the creative concepts, talk with amazing girls, meet new amazing girls, listen to music, bake and make things! This column will be all about Waverly girls and what we talk about each week. It's an obvious thing that baking and sugar and candy makes us all smile. This blog will share stories that go beyond the icing on the cake! I am going to share how we encourage each other, what outrageous things we come up with while sitting around a table or what we as a community of girls plan to do to make our world a better place.


This past Friday, WaverlyEATS girls did the usual; grab seats in the café, read through the Waverly Way, introduce new girls & dive in to the kitchen. I will set the stage, there were two groups of girlfriends attending this particular class. Before this WaverlyEATS the girls from the two groups ( and 2 different schools) did not no one another. One group of girls were slightly older than the other group of girls. Initially, the girls stuck to their tables and didn't really mix and mingle. Thank you Kelly Clarkson for making all 10 of us smile and truly feel cozy and comfortable with one another, singing at the top of our lungs, "SINCE YOU'VE BEEN GONE!!!" Smiling. Connecting. Being girls singing at the top of our lungs, being real, being ourselves. After that song played the entire vibe changed. The girls were going back and forth between the two tables, our ambassadors were making jokes with girls that were total strangers prior to Kelly Clarkson and ideas were being shared and heard. It was amazing. It was genuine and a refreshing hour to just be ourselves being girls who smile and create.