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Girl's Guide

A Girl's Guide to balance...

Waverly Eats is all about the yummy, cozy conversations that take place in the kitchen when baking! Health. How do we balance a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying sprinkles, icing and ice cream? I think balance is super important. Baking is a passion for many of us and it's a beautiful, wonderful way to express love and experience joy! This past week a few of us girls brought up an important point; we have to be sure to fill our growing bodies with foods that make our minds sharp and bones strong. It doesn't mean that excluding sugar and sweets is the answer. Our bodies need sugar too just not everyday all the time. Just like chocolate chip cookies have their own recipe for greatness so do we. My recipe happens to be lots of water, 9 hours of sleep, a big dinner before 7 PM and littles meals during the day. Everyone is different. Everyone has their own recipe and figuring it out leads to a full, sweet life!

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