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Girl's Guide

the COZY you?

When do you feel MOST beautiful?

This past weekend WaverlyEats was lucky enough to hang with Ainsley Britain, a girls girl media guru who embraces herself fully as well as everyone around her. Her energy is contagious and her wisdom, pure gold!

We all went around in a circle and shared when we feel most beautiful and most ourselves. The responses ranged from: having tea, dancing, laughing with friends, sweat pants and drawing. Take away? Do more of what makes you feel most like...YOU! Beauty is 1,000 percent when your happy girl inside reflects on the outside...Like feeling funny and lovely to your people by embracing your inner sporty spice by wearing sweats and no makeup. Like waking up extra early to make tea and read your book before the day gets started. Like carving out 10 extra minutes to take a relaxing, bath bomb bath before bed.

Personally, I feel most myself when I am wearing something sporty and after I run a lot of miles. I love to run. It makes me feel this awesome sense of freedom and physically and mentally strong. If I don't run during the week? Salty - > frosty -> no friends.

I want all of us to prioritize our most comfortable activities and feel good habits. Do more of what makes you feel beautiful on the inside and I promise by next Tuesday we will all be glowing on the outside; slightly less salty, more inspired and ideally realllllllly grateful!

XO, Molly