10 Thoughts to inspire you | waverly pr10ject

1. Inspiration leads to motivation which leads to action! Today do 1 thing that excites or inspires you...!

2. Do not doubt who you are, ever.

3. Manage your mind, body & soul

  • Do 1 thing for you mind ( example: get a good night sleep)
  • Do 1 thing for you body ( shoot some hoops or go for a long walk & sip some tea!)
  • Do 1 thing for you soul ( read a soulful book or listen to your favorite band)

4. Who are your go-to-girls? Do something super nice / surprise them with a "SHE WOULD!" act of kindness!

5. Serving is loving. Embody <3 love today by smiling more, listening more and helping those around you more.

6. Set 3 goals for the fall that sort of scare you!

7. In your heart you must know, when it comes to pursuing what you love most in this world, you have nothing to loose!

8. You have to see it to believe it! What you put out (thoughts included) is exactly what you get back!

9. Positive feeds positive. Surround yourself with positive, supportive people!

10. You are the ONLY you! You are unique, amazing and supremely gifted!

x Molly x