Dear Waverly Girls,

You are a gift to this earth. You are made up of amazing, unique abilities, qualities and potential itching to be heard, known and revealed. Think about how exciting it is to open a present you have been dying to get!?! Imagine yourself being a beautiful box with a beautiful bow & your whole purpose on  earth lives inside this gift-box of you! This glorious reveal starts wherever you are, right now!   

A few steps I take routinely to connect with what's inside of my "gift-box":
1. Refresh my mind & body : meditate every morning & run 4 x a wk. keeps my mind clear and alert. Alert is key. Whatever keeps your mind healthy and alert...DO IT. Dance, write, exercise, cleanse, drink loads of water, hang out with your girls, watch motivational videos etc...

2. Get Inspired : For me, being around people that share similar values and vision enables me to connect dots in my own life. Leading me to...

3. Connect: I am constantly taking care of my mind ( refreshing ) so that I can connect little dots on a daily basis ( think day by day!) !!

4. Create: testing out things I love helps reveal what truly makes me feel JOYFUL...!!!

5. Reveal: Simple, intentional patterns will reveal who you are and what you were put on this earth to do!

As I said, this process is amazing & freeing & ( I believe) designed for all of us! Remember, always, YOU are a gift to this earth :)

lots of love,