Valentine's Day On Waverly Terms!


Dear Waverly Girls,

Because it's Wednesday which means W REPORT day and it just so happens to be...Valentines Day, I feel obligated to touch on this day, at least on Waverly like terms. It seems via social media there is a lot of shade thrown on this holiday, which maybe shouldn't be. Yes, it is slightly cheesy with some Disney agendas but all in all its about love. Its an excuse to hug someone longer. Its a reason to write someone a thoughtful, affirming card or give a love - bug of yours flowers.

Regardless of your relationship status, we all have people in our lives whom we love and this day builds in a reason to say so! More so!

Disney vibes aside, I love, love, and I love excuses to show love for my friends and family. Whether you choose to participate in the whole flowers and cards rendition, at least know you are loved ( we love YOU!) and give that love to one other person today!
With love,