How to "de-clutter", realistically!


Dear Waverly Girls,

I watched an eye - opening documentary last night. Wow. "Minimalism" tracks these two dudes who decided to seriously "de-clutter" their lives by eliminating most of their possessions. Is their choice extreme? By todays standards, yes. By historical standards? No. Currently, we live in a product heavy world. Walk into your bedroom. Do you have books and dolls and cool collectibles lining your shelves or the walls of your room? Me too.   

In the movie there was this gal who wore only a set 30 pieces of clothing everyday for 3 months( these 30 pieces included shoes, shirts, accessories etc.). It is now known as the 303 challenge. She said it changed her perspective for good and in turn changed her life. I am not suggesting we go this route, but I will challenge us with this...let go of 1 thing per month for this next year! I think it can be an empowering discipline, to not be controlled by stuff. I am going to track my own "letting go" and I will keep y'all posted! The documentary closes with one of the two guys saying, "Love people and use things, cause the opposite, never works."

With love,