scratch away


Scratch away

Dear Waverly Girls,

I have recently gotten into photography. I must admit, it's not as easy for me as I thought it was going to be.  I am signing up for a class this summer, but until then, I am determined to keep at it.

Like anything in life, when you really dig into something new, you quickly realize there are layers your never knew existed! There is so much to  photography. What goes into a shot? Perspectives ( landscape, portraiture), production styles ( art, photojournalism etc.), techniques ( horizontal, zoom etc.) and so much more! It is an amazing art form...and I have only scratched the surface.

I am not going to lie, I want to be a sick photographer. It has brought out a competitiveness within myself that I haven't seen in a while. With that being said, currently, I am not that good. Fine. I will continue to work at it. I always think about how Ben Franklin found his passion for electricity AFTER he put his heart and soul into books and building the first Library. He wasn't all that savvy with electricity at first! Gifts and talents are born as we grow into ourselves and they are unstoppable if your heart is fully committed to the process. What do you feel like giving up on but know, deep down, its something you were born to do? Don't stop. You have only scratched the surface!

With love,