Loving Well...

Dear Waverly Girls,

I have been taking this four week-long course for two hours every Wednesday morning. For one, mornings are my favorite. I love waking up with fresh expectation waiting to see what the day might bring. I love the challenge of pushing through a hard day and finding the little gems that creep up behind me in the grocery store, sit in front of me for coffee or call me unexpectedly. Today was our last Wednesday and what a good send off it was! We talked about loving well.

What does "loving well" mean to you? What does "Loving well" look like in action, to you? In our large group of women, it was amazing to hear personal stories of how love has looked to them over the years. My take away? Loving well means seeing people, just as they are. Really seeing people, in the present, listening to them, smiling, helping them in that moment. It sounds so simple, right? But how often do we hustle through life and ignore the people right in front of us? We mentioned legends who have recently died, and the common denominator between them? They all loved well. Lets be girls and women who go down in history as loving well.

With love,