Waiting...what is the key!?


Dear Waverly Girls,

Waiting is not a cool topic. I get terribly anxious just saying the word out loud! The truth of that matter is that waiting is a central and universal fact of life. I read an insert that stopped me in my tracks, "When mechanical clocks began to spring up in the town squares across Europe, the line between keeping time and control blurred further." Carl Honore

In an age where you can order virtually anything from your ipad or ask google anything in the world or click a button to recieve a hot meal at your door within minutes, its easy to become addicted to speed. By avoiding waiting we do our hearts and minds a disservice. Waiting builds trust and develops patience. Patience allows for real moments that step beyond the daily hustle and into life alive and present. Waiting can be  a good thing!  

What are you waiting for? A school acceptance, a boyfriend, a best friend, an internship or job? I have come to see that the waiting period, if fully accepted, brings refining and strengthening  necessary  for when that door finally opens up! What is the key to waiting? Perspective. Be grateful you have something to wait for! My brother always says, "Perspective is everything." If we slow down, allow ourselves to see the situation honestly, there is always a flicker of truth that whispers, "soon enough, keep going!" or "The next door is much better for YOU!" A door closes...we wait...and another door always opens!

With love,