Be A Light!


What gives us light from a practical standpoint? The sun, candles, lightbulbs, flashlights, stars and planets...?! Can people provide us with "light"? I have been fixed on the idea of light for years. From a good vs. bad, light vs. dark stand point, I certainly think there lives a power of light within people. Now begs the question, what generates such light in people? Why are some people super positive and full of light while others struggle to be nice to the very people right in front of them? I think the world needs more love. Personally, when I am feeling pissed off or short tempered it is usually because I have felt misunderstood or not heard. "No one ever listens to me!" type deal. For one thing, lets make it not about ourselves. Shut down the negative and self serving thoughts by taking the focus off ourselves and instead pouring into someone else.  

 Lets love by listening to the people in our world today. Lets love by seeing people, letting them know that they matter to us! Love is thee source of light and without love it is impossible to show kindness to a stranger, smile at your sister or do something for a friend without expecting anything in return. Light is what changes the world for good. Light is what brings people together. Light listens. Light sees people & reveals the truth and allows for real growth!  Gardens cannot grow without the sun & people cannot grow without love.

With Love,