Forgiving Heals

Dear Girls,

Thanks to Pinterest, google & insta I am a phone junkie this time of year, spending hours searching for different types of flowers and gardens and beautiful images. I design my spring flower boxes in my head and day dream about summer and my decked out flowerbeds AKA pots on a porch. I picture games on the grass and full trees and fireflies. GAH, I just love spring! I love the birds, the smells, the early mornings and late evenings, the dinners outside and fresh air from open windows. The very nature of spring & summer focuses on growth! We plant seeds and flowers, we water them and they grow. It is amazing to watch a plant from beginning to full bloom as it BURSTS, literally, into something living! 

Symbolically, spring is all about starting fresh. Refreshing our spirit from winter, opening us up, literally, to the outside beauty that blooms its way back into our everyday. I think the best way to fully receive the spring season is to learn from this beautiful season. Let go of anything you may be holding onto. Forgive that one person you can't seem to forgive. Holding on to negative thoughts and feelings only hurts ourselves, sucking us dry. Not to sound cheesy, but I think we were all designed to bloom, but it is our choice to fully bloom. Forgiving fills us back up! Step into this spring fully open and grateful for all that is blooming inside of you!   

With love,