Encouragement Can Change the World!


Dear Waverly Girls,

What does encouragement really look like? Girl to girl? Human to human? Encouragement can be hard because it requires you to think of someone else over yourself. What do you want to see more of in the world? Love, kindness, happiness? Encourage whatever you wish to see more of in the world. Your experiences are unique to you, harness whatever those experiences have given you and share that with the world, your world!   

Our culture loves to  encourage us to only think about ourselves, when in fact, most of the time we are the very thing standing in the way of stepping into our potential! Fear, Insecurity, doubts all prevent us from stepping into our full, true self. Encouragement stomps on doubt, fear and insecurity, providing that push, that power we need. DO that for someone else and it will be done for you. Be the reason someone believes in their authentic self today. Be you, give love and encouragement and share your smile, it will change the world.  

With love,