Heart Equation...


Dear Waverly Girls,

I have and always will be dedicated to matters of the heart. I really believe that if your heart is healthy, the rest of your body, mind & soul, will feel aligned, at peace. Think of life as equations; practice + hard work = making a team, helping + loving = an amazing relationship. Equations can provide a structure for how we make choices, right? What do we need in our "heart equation" in order to have a healthy, strong, happy heart?! And therefore live a full and focused ( happy heart)life. They do very much connect.

Well, the truth? To keep it simple? Truth. Here is where you come in! What is truth to you? What do you consider your standard in terms of how you treat others and how YOU wish to be treated? Make a list. Words like respect, love, acceptance, wanted, heard, helped, cared for etc. those words are your standard and your truth! Those words are your equation and those words, if followed, will maintain your healthy heart. For example my #1 heart equation, authenticity + love = happy heart!! TRUTH: We wont always abide by our standard, it's OK! As you grow, as your heart grows your standards will strengthen and your potential to change the word will be infinite! Plus dark chocolate helps too :)

Happy Thursday!