Oh, a new season!


Dear Waverly Girls!

I want to start off by saying how GRATEFUL I am for each and every one of you who show up to our studio, hug me when I see you or send me an encouraging email! I adore all of you so much. I know this season in particular has been a bit off as Waverly Tours have made their way into the school system! While this is beyond exciting for us and for the future of girls, it has been a bit sad and maybe confusing :( Our studio isn't the same without all of you. As summer approaches, we have a few workshops for TEENS which you can find online and we CAN'T wait to see y'all this fall!! Thank you, thank you for being so very patient in the mean time as I "bop around" trying to make this whole thing explode for the sake of all us girls!

As I have been challenging myself business wise to stretch, push and grow, I am also trying to incorporate that same perspective in my day to day life. Life is full of "new seasons", literally and figuratively. If you happen to live on the east coast, (or not) lets try and take each season (summer, fall, winter & spring) as an opportunity to challenge ourselves to try something new. This summer I have decided I am going to be a halfway decent skateboarder by October 2018! I ordered a cheap board on amazon with a helmet and pads and will def. look ridiculous for a while, but I will master this! What do you want to master? Don't let the fear of being totally untrained stop you. This is your season. This is the very beginning of you pursuing something totally new 4 x's a year for the rest of your life!

Have the best day,