Inspired to give...


Does the ocean inspire you like it inspires me? I have been living near the ocean for most of July and I can't help but feel more grounded, more alive, more inspired than before my toes first touched the hot sand 4 weeks ago. 

I have been writing a lot. Writing is simple really. It is an awareness of experiences, letting yourself feel and then sharing your very own interpretations that come. The beach has a way of bringing out the very best in me. It has a beautiful way of opening me up. What brings out the best in you? Where do you feel most free, relaxed and confident? It is really easy to forget how nature and our surroundings effect what we choose to do everyday. Year after year I am amazed by the ocean, the beach and what it gives me.  

It gives me a renewed sense of purpose and self. It inspires me to give more than I possibly know how to. The beach, the ocean fills up my cup, year after year. I think that each one of us must know that it is OK to be slow, it is OK to crave alone time. The ocean gives me permission to adore solitude and for that, I am forever grateful for you, ocean. 

Find what fills up your cup. What inspires you to be the best, fullest most wonderful version of yourself. 

XX, Molly