Our story

The Waverly Project empowers young girls to be bold and fearless in pursuing their passions. Motivated by her own passion for the arts, fashion, travel, and mentorship, Founder Molly Wills created Waverly as a way to introduce girls to innovative projects and inspiring female role models. 

Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Molly has established roots in Greenwich, Connecticut, where she currently resides. After graduating from The College of William & Mary, Molly started her career in art and fashion with two years at Ralph Lauren. Molly's passion for travel and service led her to work closely with organizations such as ESchool4Girls, Lily of the Valley Children’s Village, and Empowers Africa, all of which she still supports today with her Waverly girls. She is an entrepreneur at heart, and founded The Waverly Project in 2012 after having female mentors in her life who helped her realize her own creative passions and feel brave enough to start her own company! 

While Waverly hosts many unique events for girls of all ages, the most well-known are our Waverly Tours--creative experiences that expose girls to a variety of career paths and artistic outlets. Most Waverly Tours take place in our studio space located off Round Hill Road in Greenwich, Connecticut. In addition, Waverly hosts travel tours at local businesses and studios, as well as pop-up tours in New York City, London, and South Africa, with plans to expand to other cities.

"There is nothing more affirming and amazing than to see the impact Waverly has to inspire a girl to dream and seek to achieve far greater things than she thought she could!" says founder Molly Wills. 

How we inspire girls and build confidence

  • empower: giving girls a voice and a platform that encourages their passions

  • innovate: pushing creative boundaries

  • discover: finding new ways to build self-esteem (conversations, activities, videos & mentors)

  • inclusive: creating a warm community of diverse girls

  • kind: showing compassion and welcoming differences

  • fun:  an exciting approach to learning (Tours inspired by cultures from around the world)

  • illuminate: highlighting unique interests and careers (introducing businesses & mentors)

Our Girl Crew